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Defining mobile apps development is something no one should take for granted. At Affordable Mobile we’ve heard people say, “Let’s think outside the box!” That’s all well and good, but you can’t think outside the box until you define the box. That’s why we think it’s important to know what your business model strategy is. Defining the elements of your company’s approach to doing business. Of course, it goes without saying you have to know the difference between Strategy and Tactics, but many people do not understand mobile apps develeopment.

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OK, let’s say you want to build your dream house, so let’s start by drawing a floor plan  to define the houses layout of the upstairs and downstairs, the location of the kitchen and bathrooms, and the like is the strategy. The blueprints that define the specific details of the house such as the electrical plan, plumbing, placement of appliances, finishing details, and so forth are the “Tactics”.

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With mobile apps development, if you went right to blueprints without drawing a floorplan first, the whole house would never come together in the end the way you envisioned it, this is a very important factor! It’s no different with mobile marketing. We should always establish a high-level plan for what you are trying to build before you can successfully outline the specific details of how you will build it, and the mobile apps development would be quicker. Strategy is the framework that defines how you will use various mobile tactics for example, mobile websites, social networking, short message service (SMS), and mobile applicatons to fulfill your customers’ needs and achieve your own defined marketing goals. Tactics are more tangible and, hence, a lot easier to get your head, arms, and thought process around than the strategy. Affordable Mobile says, with mobile apps development a smart marketer can pick up a tactic, such as how to set up an SMS campaign, in an hour a day! Strategy takes much longer to master because it needs to be uniquely tailored to your brand and targeted in such a way it makes sense to your customers. We can’t tell you what the right strategy is for your brand only you can determine that, but we can teach you how to figure it out. In our experience, a successful mobile strategy hinges on a balance between four key elements:

  • Brand Awareness and Building
  • Customer Engagement
  • Know the Elements of Your Current Environment
  • Remain Focused and Dedicated Though The Hard Times

mobile apps development Often when we see a brand fail with mobile, that failure can be clearly traced to focusing on one of these areas to the detriment of the others. Don’t misunderstand, it’s not mobile that is driven by the needs of the brand it’s natural to gravitate toward fulfilling your own needs first. However, you also need to address the needs of your customers if you’re going to reach your own goals. That’s why we identified customer engagement as one of our key elements and so many people overlook this very important factor.

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Almost as often, we see marketers reacting to the environment and investing in a mobile tactic simply because it’s new. This is what we like to call shiny new object syndrome. The mobile marketing industry combined with mobile apps development is still relatively new and the next “big” thing excites everyone, but many mobile tactics don’t have a large user response yet. In these situations, we like to remind you that just because something has been labeled the “Hot New Thing” does not necessarily mean it is the right thing for you.

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At Affordable Mobile, we understand the future is mobile apps development, Get Started Today!

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